Somewhere is the place you want to be – Or maybe its the place from which you run. It could be real enough to touch, or more alive in your imagination. It’s microcosmic or galaxies away. Somewhere is aspirational. Less than tactile, but viscereal and knowing. It is the places we hide in and emerge from. That sense of atmosphere that catches your breath and makes you feel. Thats somewhere.

Home No More

I miss your coffee-covered breath, Early in the morning. It made me hungrier than death For a thrill without a warning. I miss your sweet

Black Shrunken Blemish

When Frances had to speak publicly, her legs shook. As a kid, she had grown faster up than she had out and she had felt

Popular Experiment

  *synth beats* bright plastic blue screen green screen *auto-tune screams* chunky glasses tuned-in apathy *boy band* drive fast die young pretty corpse *twangy guitar*

A New World

  While he sleeps I catalogue his body. When he is awake I keep my distance. While he dreams I touch and map in a

This Place, it Echoes

  My first real breath of air smells of pine and woodsmoke. It comes to me on a cool breeze, mid-afternoon, a sunny day that