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We are pleased to announce that our next issue will be Begin Again. This issue is all about fresh starts and new beginnings. It’s all about what happens after a failure, falter, or fall. It’s about perseverance, and striving, and hope.

Submissions for Begin Again are open until October 2021. 

Rollick’s mandate is to  attract cutting-edge, quality content that inspires real engagement. We will consider any pitch that expresses unique and original thought. Ideally, we want you to explore this theme through the prism of popular culture and your experience of society.

You can send in short stories, poetry, memoirs, confessionals, experimental writing, satire, plays, and anything else in between.

The cover image for Rollick Magazine’s Begin Again issue is by illustrator Janelle Barone.
To see more of Janelle’s work, visit her website at http://janelle-barone.com.

Janelle’s work can also be seen at:

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