What is tomorrow?

Tomorrow is that glint in your best friends’ eye,
When he proposes a daring plan.
Tomorrow is that rainbow glinting in the sky,
Reminding you that you’re not alone.

Tomorrow is a fanciful dream taking flight,
All sunshine and sparkles and daisies.
Tomorrow is shining candlelight,
Flaring through the darkness – giving hope.

And Tomorrow is uncertainty and wonder,
Worrying us and giving us nightmares.
Tomorrow is a storm – with lightning and thunder,
Lighting up the night and keeping us awake.

Tomorrow is dangerous, and curiously
Out of reach – we may try to grab hold, but we can’t.
It struggles away furiously,
At the stroke of midnight each night.

Tomorrow is both everything and nothing,
Both a dream and a nightmare.
Tomorrow can be anything,
So long as we have the courage to get there.


The featured image accompanying this piece, entitled ‘Barred’, has been used with the permission of artist, Margaret Orr.

Margaret Orr lives in Cape Town, and believes in regular art practice to keep her sane, and to allow her a playful escape from her day job as executive coach.
Her medium of choice is collage, both traditional and digital.
Her work is available online at http://www.redbubble.com/people/hogret.

Emma Callbeck

My name is Emma Callbeck, and I am an amateur poet from Canada. I love both reading and writing, and love to watch Doctor Who (as well as re-watch Sherlock episodes) in my free time. I have one dog, Brandy, and love to play with her.

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