Mel Vanroyen, Editor-in-Chief

As digital evangelist with a passion for all things wordy and visual, Mel founded Rollick Magazine to inspire people from across the globe to share their narratives about the world we live in. Mel is an avid illustrator, designer, and writer who likes to explore our new media horizons (think Blade Runner meets Minority Reportminus the acid rain and Tom Cruise). Stories are Mel’s first love. She hopes Rollick Magazine is a place where you can belong, have fun, and be heard. You can follow Mel on Twitter at @melvanroyen.        

Neda Monshat, Contributing Editor

Originally a lawyer, still a passionate feminist advocate, and currently ensconced in the ethically fraught quagmire that is the international development industry, Neda is a contributing editor based in Hanoi, Vietnam. As a vegan living in a deeply carnivorous city, a great achievement over the last few months has been mastering the rarely heard Vietnamese phrase ‘không nước mắm’ (no fish sauce)! For highlights, see: .

Robert Naumoff, Contributing Editor

Robert has worked has worked in film as a Scriptwriter, Script Editor and 1st Assistant Director. His films have screened at festivals throughout Australia and the US, including Smogdance, Seattle True Independent and Denver Underground. The most notable of works are Girl in the Red Dress, which won the 2010 Platinum Award at Houston International Film Festival, and the 2012 feature Wail Away – released in the US as Affliction. Robert writes film reviews at I Liked it But…. You can follow him on Twitter at @robertnaumoff