Negative Space




Modern Ingenue

Negative Space

Stark contrasts. Black and white. Shapes and forms that are hidden, peripheral, other. Negative space can exist around and between the focal point of an image or an idea. Perhaps it is hidden beyond what your mind can imagine, or maybe it is camouflaged in plain sight. Reversal of emphasis. Hidden, yet always present. Negative space is all around us.

The cover image for Rollick Magazine’s Negative Space issue has been provided by illustrator Xuan loc Xuan.

Xuan is an illustrator in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Xuan uses both traditional and digital tools in order to create graphic designs that showcase beautiful moods and blended colours.

50s Dresses

Floral straight jackets hiding women
It’s too pretty to get dirty.

Cold Lights

Outside my window there is steam
and there are lights in a skyscraper
where people sit at their desks
and the lights let them work.

Ghost Hunting

I’m hunting for ghosts,In alleys lit by memories,Phantoms of yesterday,Carved out of my mind.What I once held,You me and our dreams,Scraped knees and screeching swings,Pokémon

Marge Simpson

Knows the heart ache of canaries. Hummimg bird to spilt milk No friends same dress Pearls that rarely dance Five dollar rose bouquets Without a

For Matthew

Today I am thinking of you and Michigan. Remember how back in the day I didn’t drink coffee? Well, I still don’t care for it


 You tell her you love her the day she graduates. It’s a carefree spring morning, the perfect kind for the endurance training you sometimes did—