Early Morning Ramblings of a Twenty-Something Girl

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A dream of a 1920s quasi-candid shot of
Debby Harry, mingling graciously among a grandiose Studio 54 scene.

Spray the lens of my life with hairspray, too!
Sorry, how petty I am.

Strangling a waist and shoulders with wires
and plastic planks that chew up my heel bones.
Sorry! It is getting late.

Not delicate in the least I am,
shielding a plump silhouette
like a ripe, fuzzy, plump plum?
No. I am not a juicy bite. A tart and gooey bite I am.

Packaged by flows of scratchy, crotch-yanking fabrics I am.
Please do not unwrap me.
Sorry. I am.


The featured image accompanying this piece, entitled ‘Aerial’, has been used with the permission of artist, Robert Alan, a mixed media artist from New York City.

Suzanne McHeffey

I am a 20 year old female, and I will be a Junior at James Madison University as a Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communications Major. I know nothing of the future and that is my favorite thing about life. (I chose not to include a photo of myself because I want this poem to live without a face behind it.)

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