Somewhere is the place you want to be – Or maybe its the place from which you run. It could be real enough to touch, or more alive in your imagination. It’s microcosmic or galaxies away. Somewhere is aspirational. Less than tactile, but viscereal and knowing. It is the places we hide in and emerge from. That sense of atmosphere that catches your breath and makes you feel. Thats somewhere.

The Day of Our Meeting

I dreamed of the day, In the dead of winter, A dreary day, When I’d step off the train And see you there- The day


Meet me in the mountains Of Oregon (Washington’s been having too many fires). It won’t be hard to find me- Just look for the earthship,

What is tomorrow?

Tomorrow is that glint in your best friends’ eye, When he proposes a daring plan. Tomorrow is that rainbow glinting in the sky, Reminding you


I can feel the evening sun, warm on my face, but the chill of the wind coaxes me to pull my coat tighter around me. 

No Man’s Land

Bloated clouds float above the prison, obscuring the sun. I linger outside the narrow cell window, which is no more than a barred gap in

Destination Zero

It’s been 6 months, 13 days and 4 hours since I last weighed myself. I hid the scales in a plastic bag under some books