Modern Ingenue

The modern ingenue challenges traditional codes and expectations. She is no longer the naive, enigmatic object of affection, inspiration, and possession that she was in the past.The modern ingenue confronts and eviscerates like Hannah Horvath. She is buoyantly idealistic like Leslie Knope, and a “complicated cat” like Piper Chapman.

Rollick Magazine’s Modern Ingenue issue features the work of Parisian-born artist Lucy Lucy. Currently residing in Melbourne, Lucy Lucy has graciously carved her niche in the Australian urban art community. Her work moves between large-scale public murals, tribal ornaments, handmade accessories, textiles and bespoke fashion.

You can view more of Lucy Lucy’s work at her website carbonmade.

Undressing the Sky

In love with dismal days, he told me why: Won by dimensions, his green eyes caress Big bosomed clouds. Suggestiveness of haze Conjures up Milky

Thunder Polka

The thunder polka of a new romance Began today on my left foot, the one Believed to lead suggestiveness astray. True love’s a waltz: it’s


Can’t you let the film spool unseen on the stained floor? Its frames forever static as my fingers resplice our hands. Let my battalions of