Modern Ingenue

The modern ingenue challenges traditional codes and expectations. She is no longer the naive, enigmatic object of affection, inspiration, and possession that she was in the past.The modern ingenue confronts and eviscerates like Hannah Horvath. She is buoyantly idealistic like Leslie Knope, and a “complicated cat” like Piper Chapman.

Rollick Magazine’s Modern Ingenue issue features the work of Parisian-born artist Lucy Lucy. Currently residing in Melbourne, Lucy Lucy has graciously carved her niche in the Australian urban art community. Her work moves between large-scale public murals, tribal ornaments, handmade accessories, textiles and bespoke fashion.

You can view more of Lucy Lucy’s work at her website carbonmade.

You Look Just Like Your Sister

  The red door to my home opened and the fresh smell of warm turkey and cranberry sauce collided with my senses the way Sticky

At the Beach

  It was difficult getting everything together but she wanted to do it for Yacov. The jaundice had left her weak, drained, and the enervating

Paper Boat

Three walls of the room are made of tin, but on the fourth side a polished floor opens, running like fabric into curtains of lace,

The Lives of Invisible People

In the coffee shop watching all the invisible people. The Chinese cellist reading aloud without a sound, the two men nearby trying to flirt inconspicuously,


“Let’s be in love for just tonight,” you said, When I had better things to do in red High heels. Encircling your big bad bed

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