Modern Ingenue

The modern ingenue challenges traditional codes and expectations. She is no longer the naive, enigmatic object of affection, inspiration, and possession that she was in the past.The modern ingenue confronts and eviscerates like Hannah Horvath. She is buoyantly idealistic like Leslie Knope, and a “complicated cat” like Piper Chapman.

Rollick Magazine’s Modern Ingenue issue features the work of Parisian-born artist Lucy Lucy. Currently residing in Melbourne, Lucy Lucy has graciously carved her niche in the Australian urban art community. Her work moves between large-scale public murals, tribal ornaments, handmade accessories, textiles and bespoke fashion.

You can view more of Lucy Lucy’s work at her website carbonmade.

Lichtenberg Figures

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It insulates and protects. It contains all we are. Fluids, muscles, tissues and bones, shuddering


  It’ll be a Wednesday. It’ll be cloudy outside. There will be fog creeping over the ravine and remnants of an early-morning rain still drifting

Ezzie Minus Zero

That day, Ezzie didn’t fantasize about leaving her husband the way she did every other day of the week, which when calculated, amounted to five

Where’s Nana?

She’s lighting a cigarette. The first time pops lost his words, I found her between the legs of a railway, staring at the ocean of


hurricane Syllables [hur-i-keyn, huhr– or, esp. British, -kuh n] –noun After a couple weeks sentence of staying in some foreign place with trees, she came back home and Miami

The Kiss Was Not For You

I thought of someone else while I kissed my boyfriend. “I did that once,” I said. “Oh no you didn’t.” said Heather. She’s the girl