50s Dresses

Floral straight jackets hiding women
It’s too pretty to get dirty
High high heels knees tremble at the long way down
It’s like watching ceramic doe on ice
Grandmothers protested their actual sturdiness
Rejecting the nonsense neatly paved imperatives of
Cows and princesses, now urgencies are sewing needles
Re inventing Aphrodite on the front cover
Thread-bare nightmares going insane in a padded wardrobe
Ancient revolutionists rattle empty spray cans
Questioning their trapped bones from dismantling
The equator, thimbled finger tips forget lover skin
Setting morning back into automatic allowing all to sail
Beyond that house wife compass, four corners of every room
Now those remaining gears are catching frilly hems
Grinding out of sync in their heads to a stand still
Aging in an anticlockwise world
Torches light cigarettes and satisfied souls dont wail
Where younger ladies anchor themselves
Mothers, men, mirrors it’s the same old stereotype
Without dictators instead a modern twist fashion fascism
Is the shadow cast by their own
Rejection is the reaper cold shoulder is their dust
Eris is in every sister smile they bay to and discard
Anti-artists of their own portrait
Have those bloody lips ever been kissed by the sun
Marionettes lost in a vintage paradise plan their decades
Seeking those with dark desires of canary hoarders
Back to the dim ages but with brighter cotton
Printed hearts and swallows
Flowers pressed into bloom
It’s a resurrected nihilism
No one takes the road, no farewells
Speeding through on the motorway
One hand on a fairytale the other catching tears
To stand in the place of the mothers of highway women
But not too close they’ll singe they’re 50s dresses

The featured image, ‘Find Your Way’, was used with permission of artist, Robert Alan, a mixed media artist from New York City.

Neth Brown

After taking poetry to the stage and getting into anthologies over the past few years, Neth has started to take poetry more seriously as an art form. She is a self-taught painter and writer who loves details. Neth seeks to raise the issues of today in lyrical, metaphorical and satirical ways.

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