This issue is all about what is happening now; the challenging, the unknown, the unstoppable. It’s all about the next frontier – whatever that may mean for you. We are all on the verge of something.

Our current issue is Brave New Epoch.

Rollick Magazine publishes rolling submissions all year round. We will be adding more pieces to the Brave New Epoch issue over the next few months. This issue closes 15 February 2023. 


The listing requires dimensions, and so there is the inevitable internal struggle. Laziness. Disorganization… Cannot find the measuring tape. Can she guess its proper size? The

Persistence, Memory, Time

Have you ever met someone who makes you question everything you’ve ever wanted? Hazel met Andy at a party on an 84 degree night when


Improv class was howI learned to say whatI wanted to say to you–ice became the basisinstead.I froze on stageinto an audience of burning arms.If limbs

This is What You Do

2016 I stood in my kitchen, hands slightly palsied as I poured myself a glass of water from the sink.  I emptied the packet of

Four Brothers

He’s the sweet taste of strawberries on fluffy shortcake, with eyes that reflect an enormous  Heart that’s displayed prominently on his sleeve.  Colossal in stature,

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