Four Brothers

He’s the sweet taste of strawberries on fluffy shortcake, with eyes that reflect an enormous 

Heart that’s displayed prominently on his sleeve. 

Colossal in stature, he towers over everyone, this 

Costco sized teddy bear is soft and feathery and as 

Dainty as a ladybug. Don’t let the jagged edges and hard-shell fool you, he’s a 

Snapping turtle with no bite. He’s a stop sign on a bright cloudless day and it is rare to see him

Riled, but mess with his blood and you will know why his color is 



He struts like a peacock, tall and proud with his chest puffed out and a cocky grin showing off 

Gleaming pearls. He is intuitive and as spontaneous as a Firework. 

He is the coolness of the 

Sky and the breeze that carries the uncaged bird to its nest. 

But a robin’s egg he is not. With the movements of rushing water, 

His color is as bold and vibrant as a 

Sapphire and he will not break under the pressure of 

Those who would wish to see him 



He’s the glow of neon and the bright intelligence of electricity. 

He’s the eyeroll of every person who thinks they’re better than you. He’s 

Royalty and Lavender and cynically calculating, like every know-it-all you ever had in every 

Classroom telling you you’re doing it all wrong. His wisdom is as sharp as a papercut and full of 

Snark and hard Amethyst. He is unwavering in his belief that he is 

Right, and he is the bruises coloring his 

Brothers when he’s wrong, and then that same bright neon that sparked with so much wit, will 

Fade from the fear of what he has 



Dripping paint from spray cans and vivid stickers on skateboards, he is the 

Sun, as bright and energetic as any youthful spirit, like light rays shining through a patch of fresh 

Spring leaves. He’s the sweet taste of mango and the optimism of citrus. He’s the warm fire in 

Front of a plush rug and the feel of an oversized knitted sweater. 

He smiles like a Jack-o-Lantern and 

Moves like a candle flame. 

He’s the sunrise that never sets and everyone basks in his 

Pure and Colorful


Victoria Birmingham

Victoria Birmingham is a Texas born storyteller in both the written word and the visual arts. As of now she has a pending date for a publication with The Beacon. She is currently a Senior at Sam Houston State University where she is working towards a Bachelor’s in Computer Animation and a Minor in Creative Writing.

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