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I miss your coffee-covered breath,

Early in the morning.

It made me hungrier than death

For a thrill without a warning.

I miss your sweet saliva smell;

I miss your cigarette-stained lips.

Your yellow teeth as well,

And your garbage-covered hips.

I miss your solid-brick bones,

And the places my secrets hide;

Like in that park near the stone

Where my innocence resides.

Why are we apart?

Oh, awful, tragic pity!

The travel broke my heart…

I miss my New York City.


Jonna Vuorinen is an emerging Finnish artist, currently residing in Tampere. Her work consists of marker drawings with strong contrasts and intricate detail, ranging from cartoonish scenery to abstract bursts of expression. Her 1990’s-inspired style draws mostly from nature, children’s stories, animation films and video games. You can find out more about Jonna at Deviant Art.

Saira Danielle

I am Saira Danielle, and writing is a powerful outlet for me. It helps me express myself with the meaning and clarity in a way that I cannot seem to accomplish through any other form of communication. I am 23, and I would love to make a living doing something I actually enjoy: Writing.

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